I love Lena

And Lena Loves Me!

Wedding Elegance

The flowers are so stunning in these photos but the dresses are the star.

Lena Bridal has been revealing a fresh new look based on classic timeless beauty and your wedding photos will still be lovely on your 25th anniversary….anybody who got married in 1975 could possibly have some regrets, non?

Fight Like A Girl

I am feeling tough as nails after two weeks of treatment for my weed and feeling fierce. Wearing a pretty outfit is essential!

Off to Paley’s Place for a celebration dinner with our friends Greg and Mary Dalzell….and of course I need to wear my fight like a girl, kick butt Valentino Rock Stud shoes…so cute with my pretty Lena Fancy Elsa and T.

A mix of images from Oregon and France. Both beautiful.

Shop Local


The passion for design and retail inspires a few of our neighbors with the desire to provide us with special products that are unique. The work is rewarding but can be very hard financially and emotionally. And yes this is a rant.

Shop local and look good and feel good! All apparel is Lena Medoyeff and Souchi right down the street from my home. And  the clogs and black and cream uber cute shoes are from HALO a tad farther in the Pearl. Support our business or they may go away!  That would be sad,


Finally not too warm to wear denim. Been excited about finding a new way to wear denim shirts in my closet. French Vogue post has some inspiration.

Some of my favorite outfits combine Lena silk and denim…Lynn does this look like the naturally chic french women shown above.

Good News

Showers are what make the Pacific Northwest so green and floral!

The bad news is it is raining in Portland today….the good news is the Roses in the Rose Garden are still blooming! Good day to shop for Fall clothes!

Indian Summer


Yummy, still warm but starting to feel cozy! Lena has a bunch of new Souchi Sweaters in the shop to warm up her silk frocks!


To me this is the most beautiful time of the year. Sweater weather, gorgeous light….my husband calls it Barb light.

Loving Pink

My love affair with pink continues…remember it is Breast Cancer awareness month. (I think)!